Archive #1


I started organizing my archive recently.

It's about time finally. 

Growing up moving around most of my life, I would have a donation box that I would give away once a month. 

I never had the time to really think about my things, whether I wanted to keep them and how to organize them. 

In the process of editing my portfolio, organizing, adding, removing, and reorganizing, I realized the importance of archiving and keeping my old files in a system that is easy to get back to. 

The issue now is that now there are hundreds close to a thousand photos that I am going back to.

This process has got me very nostalgic and going back to these photos, there are photos that at the time I wasn't feeling but now I actually feel like has potential to inspire me for new work.

It is mostly for my self satisfaction but I will like to share the archiving process on this blog with some fun back story.

(Back story) -summer 2018

Found cute photos of my favourite couple in Tokyo from 2 years ago.

This was taken when they just started their relationship.
Seiju has become one of my closest friends and we we have formed a group of people who would get tired of the city (Tokyo) often.

We will spontaneously late at night go on road trips to who knows where.

This trip we went to a park two hours away from the city where you can see the stars and moon really clearly. We bought some fireworks and brought a stove to make s’mores.

On the way back home we found a 24 hour hot spring bath house and took a pit stop. The girls talked the latest news and other random stuff for hours. Something about the bathhouses, you can have the deepest conversations so naturally.

It was 3am by the time we were heading back. It was 5am when we entered back into the city. We copped some breakfast at the family mart and dropped off the car.

I had work 5 hours from then and I knew I wasn’t going to get any sleep but it was all worth it because after getting a little break away you feel refreshed, rebooted, and you can do anything.

- kana :)

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